Frequently Asked Questions

A one stop solution to all your compliance needs.

What is Themis?

Themis provides a holistic view of compliance for small and medium sized companies through a single platform consisting of 30+ modules to manage policies, procedures and controls. The platform integrates with the disparate suite of compliance tools that exist across a company in order to instill greater trust with clients, vendors and regulators. By enabling the compliance team to make faster and more informed decisions, they’ll be able to contribute more to sales and strategy, resulting in an increase in top line revenue.

Themis is also the Titan goddess of law and order, good governance, equality and social order. So yes, even Zeus had a compliance advisor.

How is Themis different from other GRC products?

Themis takes a non-agency specific approach to regulation and provides an all-encompassing solution to risk and compliance – think Compliance in a box, but with customization. A company selects compliance and risk modules that apply to the products and services it sells. Not only does Themis provide a platform to comply with basic compliance needs, it also has specialized modules to manage risks within your products / services. Themis applies data science techniques so you can make smarter decisions about your business.  

Is Themis affordable?

Themis is more affordable than existing Governance, Risk and Controls software on the market. The best part is that you only pay for the modules you need. A start-up with non-complex products should only need basic compliance modules. But as your products become more complex and you start partnering with regulated industries, you may need to comply with regulations consistent with larger institutions. 

Who should use Themis?

Whether you’re a start-up that wants to create life changing technology to fix the archaic payment system or an established bank that wants to partner with new tech companies, Themis is the right software for you. The best part is that it’s intuitive enough for non-Compliance professionals to learn the ins and outs of regulation.

If we use Themis, will our partners and regulators be happy?

Themis provides a platform to help you establish a strong, sustainable risk framework and to provide evidence of company controls to your vendors, auditors and regulators. It is up to each company to keep the information in the system current and to customize fields in consideration of the complexity of the organization. Vendors and regulators have different preferences, so they may require you to maintain additional information than what is required by a rule. Themis is flexible enough for you to add fields, edit questionnaires and upload documents in a single repository. 

Will this change the role of Compliance?

Yes! This is one of the reasons why Themis was created. Compliance Officers should no longer be seen as the people carrying only a shield to protect the company. Themis is their sword! 

Compliance Officers have a unique skillset of understanding products and analyzing applicable regulations. Themis utilizes data science to analyze compliance data in a smart way that will help influence and set a firm’s strategy. The collaborative nature of modules in Themis allow compliance and risk functions to better integrate and communicate with the sales and product teams so they can understand client needs and balance those needs between product design and regulatory impact.

What if we are not offering financial products?

No problem. Themis works for all industries from technology companies to healthcare companies. Modules offer basic compliance components that all companies need – regulated or not. If you need a platform to track company policies, internal training and company-wide issues, Themis is for you!